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Disability and Jesus

A Church without Disabled People is a Disabled Church

Join us on a pilgrim journey to find out what it means to be fully human …

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Disability and Jesus is a user-led organisation, stemming from the lived experience of disability rather than an ‘outside-in’ standpoint. The secular world of disability rights has a slogan – “nothing about us without us” – we believe in that statement passionately.


Who we are

Revd Bill Braviner

Bill was ordained in 1995 in Manchester, and has served in Oldham, Cornwall, Jarrow, BILLINGHAM and is now vicar of three churches in the town of Stockton, as well as being Durham diocesan disability officer. He is a member of the General Synod and the Church Buildings Council.

He has suffered with stress related anxiety and depression in the past and is acutely aware of the need to give proper care and attention to mental health issues. 

Bill reminds everyone that we are all somewhere on the “disability spectrum”. His passion is to see a church where accessibility is a reality for everyone.

Revd Kt Tupling

Katie was ordained in 2003, serving as a parish priest and incumbent in Derby Diocese, then Sheffield Diocese.

In 2019 she moved to Oxford Diocese, working as part time Disability Adviser and part time Lead Chaplain amongst Deaf people. 

Katie was born with cerebral palsy and walks with the aid of wonderful purple elbow crutches.

Katie has a particular interest in blending the mix of motherhood, ministry and disability – and how each is of value to the other and to God.

We find ourselves now as part of a widening network of communities on the edge of church – “church on the margins”. This wide ranging group of communities are experiencing a wave of the Holy Spirit bringing, healing, meaning and understanding – not just to ourselves but delivering it back to the wider church, not just being ministered to but in return ministering to the wider church.

These ‘marginal’ communities are where the Holy Spirit is working. It is these communities that are on the rise, breaking new ground, exploring new theologies. We see these groups as having the power, drive, openness and creativity to revive the broader church. These are groups of people who are hungry for meaning, for welcome, for inclusion, for genuine belonging.

So far our journey has taken us to national conferences, to General Synod, to advising Songs of Praise for the BBC, to appearing in packages for Channel 4 News, to speak at and take part in the Living Fully conferences in the Vatican, teaching ordination candidates, and many other events. It’s a journey that shows no signs of slowing.


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